With over 19 golf courses and 2,000 hours of sun every year, Kelowna can boast the longest, driest (only 11″ of rain per year) golf season you’ll find anywhere in Canada! Many of the golf courses offer incredible views of the lake, vineyards, orchards and cityscapes. You can find a golf course for every skill level and courses are often open eight months of the year.

Hiking around Kelowna provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy varied landscapes, panoramic views, and historic sites. Trails around Kelowna lead to lookouts, waterfalls, historic irrigation flumes, abandoned homesteader’s cabins, unique volcanic formations and the deep forest. Most hikes are designed for day hikes, although there are overnight routes for the serious hikers. Knox Mountain is in the heart of the city and offers amazing views of the city, mountains and lake.